Oceania Fishing Corporation

Oceania Fishing Corporation with its head office based at Number 1 Northumberland Avenue, Trafalgar Square, London is a newly restructured company with 20+ years of excellence in delivering fish, crayfish and other marine products to Japan, Korea, Middle East, Europe and Russia.

OFC specialises only on delivering high quality wild fish products, caught in the most ecologically clean areas without the use of any additives or preservatives. Our catch is fully certified and complies with all fairtrade, sustainable and renewable marine resource standards. Our products and processed and snap frozen on board of our modern fishing vessels, our standards exceed expectation of our Japanese Clients.

The Company is owned by mainly private shareholders and currently has three fishing vessels operating in the Pacific with a full port infrastructure in the Russian port of Vladivostok.

Our Mission

Oceania Fishing Corporation will successfully perform its function as a high-quality seafood provider. We will achieve this through application of a dedicated work ethic in our operations at all levels, including management, fishing vessels, processing facilities and end-customer relations. We will uphold the strictest organizational integrity and ethics so that an environment of respect and success prevails at all levels. Our relationships with local providers (whether service or labor) will be respectful and cooperative. OFC will work to invest in the local economies and social well being of these local communities at the Governmental, Community and Individual levels to ensure a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.

Corporate responsibility

At Oceania Fishing Corporation (OFC), our corporate responsibility focuses on:

  • improving worker health and safety and creating a safe working environment
  • ensuring good working conditions and fair treatment for our employees
  • supporting local communities and the economy
  • limiting our impact on the environment

  • Local investment

    We are committed to supporting the local economy and local businesses in every country we operate in or cooperate with.

    Investing in our local communities

    Our connections with communities are something we truly value. Many of our operations are remote. So it is only right we invest in the people and communities that contribute to OFC’s success.

    Contributing to the national economy

    Along with revenues from joint-venture fishing and seafood processing activities, income taxes and spending by our local employees contribute to the country's economic growth.

    Investing in local people

    We run the a social investment program which invests in constructing and maintaining social facilities such as schools, hospitals, roads and infrastructure near our operations. This ensures our operations benefit the business and communities, and strengthens our ties with local people.

    Our Social Fund

    In 2014, we will launch a Social Fund to manage investment in social projects that are additional to our license agreements. This commitment will benefit our employees, local people and the company, making our communities even better places to live and work.

    Creating a local sourcing unit

    We are one of the first companies to launch a unit dedicated to local sourcing. The unit assesses local companies' ability to supply us with labor and services and establishes lasting relationships with successful applicants.

    Health and safety

    Our people, investors and communities expect us to deliver safe working environments for everyone.

    Building a culture focused on safety

    At OFC, improving our health and safety performance is a priority. As a major international group, our employees, investors and communities expect us to deliver safe working environments for everyone. A well-managed operation is a safe operation.

    We are implementing many measures that aim to enhance safety across our business. These are some of the measures:

    Simplifying our safety rules

    In 2011 we reduced our safety rules from sixteen to ten, making them easier to understand and follow. These rules are divided into 'Red Zone' rules, which when broken, result in instant dismissal, and 'Yellow Zone' rules, which lead to disciplinary proceedings. We have a policy of zero tolerance on breaking safety rules.

    Inspections and reporting

    We perform regular announced and unannounced safety inspections and stop operations due to finding safety violations.

    Investing in technology

    We have invested in the newest available fishing vessels which are equipped with modernized equipment for catching and processing fish or other marine life the vessels are suited for fishing. Keeping the vessels up-to-date technologically ensures the safest possible environment for the crew and processing employees on board.

    Safety training

    OFC provides a seamanship training and safety course for all employees and crew hired to work on our fishing vessels. Each member receives a certificate of completion verifying they have been trained under OFC’s safety policies and procedures.

    Managing occupational health

    We aim to improve the health of employees, contractors, their families and communities. Every employee should receive a medical examination when hired, then annual checkups and regular monitoring to prevent, detect and treat occupational diseases or unchecked injuries.

    Our employees

    We are committed to providing all employees with good working conditions and treating everyone with respect.


    We strive to minimise any harmful effects from our operations on the environment. We do this by utilizing up-to-date equipment that allows us to target and catch only the species of marine life we are attempting to catch. We take steps to prevent over fishing of the areas we have access to, and make sure that any “unwanted” catch are not needlessly wasted. Our processing equipment on certain vessels allows us to freeze our catch to prevent spoilage and ensures that the entire catch is usable and marketable.

    Taking responsibility for our actions

    The behavior and actions of senior management set the standard for our corporate culture. The Chief Executive is ultimately accountable for our corporate responsibility.

    In August 2012, we appointed our first group Chief Operating Officer who is directly responsible for implementing health and safety. In late 2012 we also appointed our first Group Human Resources Director. Together with the Chief Executive they are working to strengthen a working culture focused on health, safety and the environment.