Alaska pollock

The Alaska pollock has been said to be "the largest remaining source of palatable fish in the world." Around 3 million tons of Alaska pollock are caught each year in the North Pacific from Alaska to northern Japan. Alaska pollock is world's second most important fish species in terms of total catch.

Info about product

Season: Whole year

Country of origin: Russia
Point of origin: Sea of Okhotsk, Bering Sea
The Method of fishing: Trawling, wild caught
Processing: Blast frozen on the boat at -50°C, frozen storage -25°C
  • Headed and gutted
Product grades: Length 25 cm and up
Packing: By request
Quantity: Up to 10 000 MT
Min. order: 40ft Refrigerator Container (up to 25 MT of product)
Nearest shipment date: In stock
Price per kg: Please contact