Pacific Cod

The Pacific cod, Gadus macrocephalus, is an important commercial food species. It is also known as gray cod or grey cod, and grayfish or greyfish. It has three separate dorsal fins, and the catfish-like whiskers on its lower jaw. In appearance, it is similar to the Atlantic cod.

A bottom dweller, it is found mainly along the continental shelf and upper slopes with a range around the rim of the North Pacific Ocean, from the Yellow Sea to the Bering Strait, along the Aleutian Islands, and south to about Los Angeles, down to the depths of 900 meters (~ 3000 feet). May grow up to 48–49 cm (19 inches) and weigh up to 15 kg (33 lbs). It is found in huge schools.

Molecular genetic analyses strongly suggest that Pacific cod and Greenland cod (Gadus ogac) from Greenland–the Arctic ocean are the same species; G. ogac is then a junior synonym of G. macrocephalus. Nevertheless, ITIS still lists Gadus ogac as a valid name. This change would greatly expand the geographic range of Pacific cod.

Info about product

Season: Whole year

Country of origin: Russia
Point of origin: Sea of Okhotsk
The Method of fishing: Longline fishing, wild caught
Processing: Blast frozen on the boat at -50°C, frozen storage -25°C
Product: Headed and gutted
Product grades: By request
Packing: By request
Quantity: Up to 500 MT
Min. order: 40ft Refrigerator Container (up to 25 MT of product)
Nearest shipment date: In stock
Price per kg: Please contact

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