Pacific Herring

Historically the Pacific herring has been an important species, due to its productive abilities to generate significant species biomass. Due to overfishing, the total North American Pacific herring fishery collapsed in 1993, and is slowly recovering with active management by North American resource managers. In various sub-areas the Pacific herring fishery collapsed at slightly differing times; for example, the Pacific herring fishery in Richardson Bay collapsed in 1983. The species has been re-appearing in harvestable numbers in a number of North American fisheries including San Francisco Bay, Richardson Bay, Tomales Bay, Sitka Sound, Half Moon Bay and Humboldt Bay. In other areas, such as Auke Bay, which, in the late 1970s was the largest harvestable stock of herring in Alaska, the species remains severely depleted.

Pacific herring are currently harvested commercially for salmon bait and for roe. Past commercial uses included fish oil and fish meal.

Info about product

Season: Whole year

Country of origin: Russia
Point of origin: Sea of Okhotsk, Bering Sea
The Method of fishing: Trawling, wild caught
Processing: Blast frozen on the boat at -50°C, frozen storage -25°C
Product: Whole body
Product grades: By request
Packing: By request
Quantity: Up to 10 000 MT
Min. order: 40ft Refrigerator Container (up to 25 MT of product)
Nearest shipment date: In stock
Price per kg: Please contact

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