A scallop is a marine bivalve mollusk of the family Pectinidae. Scallops are a cosmopolitan family, found in all of the world's oceans. Many scallops are highly prized as a food source. The brightly colored, fan-shaped shells of some scallops, with their radiating fluted pattern, are valued by shell collectors and have been used as motifs in art and design.The name "scallop" is derived from the Old French escalope, which means "shell".

Info about product

Season: Whole year

Country of origin: Russia
Point of origin: Northern part of Kuril Islands
The Method of fishing: Trawling, wild caught
Processing: Cutting, gutting, blast frozen on the boat at -50°C, frozen storage -25°C
Product: Frozen muscles without roe
Product grades: Muscle size 4-5 cm.
Packing: Kraft-packaging, 2 blocksof 5 kg. Net weight 20 kg., gross weight 23 kg.
Quantity: Up to 1000 MT
Min. order: 40ft Refrigerator Container (up to 25 MT of product)
Nearest shipment date: August 2013
Price per kg: Please contact